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Your blood type is the key to living a healthy and vibrant life.

It can affect your mental health, the way you digest your food and the efficiency of your metabolic and immune systems.

New research has indicated that there’s a blood-type profile for almost every aspect of our lives, not just our diet, and thanks to that new research, your blood type reveals how you can live a better life. This ground-breaking book will give you individualized prescriptions according to blood type.

Each blood-type prescription is divided into five life areas. In this book you’ll find recommendations, guidelines, and informational charts for:

* Lifestyle
* Stress and Emotional Balance
* Maximizing Health
* Overcoming Disease
* Strategies for Aging

Based on your blood type, you’ll learn whether you should:
– Eat three regular meals a day, or small, frequent ones?
– Have a regimented or flexible routine?
– Go to sleep at the same time every night or have a flexible bedtime?
– Do without rest periods or take them religiously?
– Achieve emotional balance through exercise, meditation, or herbs?

With Live Right for Your Type you’ll get a individualized prescription for maximising health, metabolism and vitality in every stage of your life.



220 g


17 × 10.5 × 2.5 cm





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