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The Magic Chest containing the terrible pirates of the Cyclades and their accursed ship has been opened! A wicked witch, the scheming Suffokate, has stolen its seventeen keys and hidden them in the Greek islands of the Cyclades.
Not suspecting what’s ahead, Nicholas Thalassakis, a young and tearless gull, sets out to find the precious keys and rid the Cyclades of the pirates once and for all.
On his great and heroic journey, he travels on a yacht, assisted by Meni, a talking anchor. He meets all sorts of amazing creatures, sees and learns lots of wonderful things about sailing and the Cyclades, and falls in love with Chryssaphenia, the most beautiful gull in the Aegean.
He learns that journeys never end as long as there are children and adults who feel like children, as long as there are seas, gulls and people who love adventure…
A seafaring tale dedicated to the delights of sailing in the Cyclades, full of action, humor and suspense!



400 g





Έτος Κυκλοφορίας

2015 #