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Don’t ever begin a Ludlum novel if you have to go to work the next day.”– “Chicago Sun Times.” Tyrell Hawthorne was a naval intelligence officer–one of the best–until the rain-swept night in Amsterdam when his wife was murdered, an innocent victim of the games spies play. Now he’s called out of retirement for one last assignment. For Hawthorne is the only man alive who can track down the world’s most dangerous terrorist. “Breakneck. . .readablity.”– “The New York Times Book Review.” Amaya Bajaratt is beautiful, elusive, deadly–and she has set in motion a chilling conspiracy that a desperated government cannot stop. Now, with his life and the life of the President hanging in the balance, Hawthorne must follow her serpentine trail, a path of seduction, betrayal, an instant death. “A high voltage tale of drama and suspense.”– “The Denver Post.” Racing from a millionaire recluse’s fortress to the social whirl of Palm Beach and from the Oval Office to treacherous Caribbean waters, Hawthorne will uncover a sinister network of well-placed men and women who exist to help this consummate killer–and the shattering truth behind “The Scorpio Illusion



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17 × 10.5 × 3.5 cm





Έτος Κυκλοφορίας