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The Spartans may be thought of as the Samurais of the Western World. They led a frugal life, trained daily for battle and war, and sought to attain knowledge and divinity through a frugal and abstinent life. This book does not intend to provide a “description” of the Spartans, but walk with them, in an esoteric way, to the endless pursuit of virtue, a virtue that leads to a transcendent mortal world.

The “vehicle” for this course is provided by an event mentioned by Herodotus, the “father of history”.

It is known through Herodotus that the Spartans at Thermopylae were surrounded by the Persians on the third day of the battle because a local named Ephialtes had shown the Persians an unknown, to them, pass through Mt. Kallidromo, leading them to the rear of the Spartans.

For ten years the secret service of the Spartan army (Krypteia) was trying to track down and ambush the traitor. The author tells us how, and besides this, he also tries to reveal the inner life of the Spartan warrior.

The book closes with a synopsis of the Spartan philosophy: “I was clear in my narration about this: respect for the laws, obedience to superiors, inner discipline, restraint from pleasures, be cautious of comforts, seek hard work, avoid wealth, overcome fear, seek danger, comradeship and modesty. This is the way. The way to Virtue. Twelve assumptions. Our way to Knowledge”.



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