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Step inside the home of Holly Mac and meet her successful, distinguished husband Marcus, notice how beautiful her home is and how gorgeous her children Daisy and Oliver are.

You might say they are the perfect family, but you would be very wrong …

Holly is desperately lonely. She has spent her entire married life trying to be the perfect wife but she is missing the one thing she really wants – a husband she can talk to, a soul mate to share everything with; someone like her first love and best friend Tom.

Then a terrible tragedy finds Holly re-united with some old friends, and she soon realises that they too are each beset with their own problems. There’s Saffron, a Hollywood actress and a recovering alcoholic, in love with a very famous and very married actor. Then there are Paul and Anna who have a great relationship but months of IVF have destroyed them financially and Anna still isn’t pregnant.

As the safety net of Holly’s life begins to unravel, she’s about to confront her problems head-on but is she ready for the change? And faced with a second chance at life, will she take it?



398 g


18 × 11 × 3 cm